Littlehampton Medical Centre

Serving our community with medical services since 2010.

Our Opening Hours


For your convenience we are open extended hours as follows:

Monday – Thursday 8.30am – 7.00pm
Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm
Saturday 8.30am – 12.45am.

For all care outside of these hours please call the Emergency department at Mt Barker Hospital on 83931777 or dial 000. This is a 24 hour service for urgent medical care

Home Visits – the need for this service can be discussed with your GP.

Aged Care – We do have GPs who regularly visit Aged Care facilities in our immediate area. Please discuss this with your doctor.

Our Appointment System

We believe in ensuring our patients can make an appointment when it is convenient for them. You can make an appointment online at or phone our reception team for Bug Hub appointments, immunisations, procedures and care plan appointments as these require further information.
Our standard appointment is to treat one condition and is allocated 15 minutes.
A double appointment is required for any complex issue or more than one condition and is allocated 30 minutes.
An appointment is required to see a GP.

Please note that repeat prescriptions, referral letters and sick certificates require an appointment.

Can’t Attend Your Appointment?

We understand that there are times you are unable to attend your booked appointment. We do require two hour’s notice if you need to cancel. Please note there is a fee for non-attendance of $40.00 + GST.

Telephone Appointments

Standard appointments are 15 minutes. Medicare rebates can only apply to patients seen at this practice in the past 12 months

MYMEDICARE registered patients have access to longer telephone appointment rebates. Not all services can be achieved with Telephone appointments and your doctor will recommend appropriate follow up where you may need to have a face to face appointment

Recalls and Results

We encourage our patients to be part of our national recall system for screenings such as Breast Screening, Pap smears and Faecal Occult Blood Screening. Our nurses will contact patients to arrange appointments for ongoing diabetes and chronic disease checks and regular health check-ups.
For all test results, we encourage our patients to make a follow up appointment with the GP who ordered the test.
Please contact our clinic nurse if you have any queries on the follow-up of your test results.

Your Health Care

Your optimum health care is important to us, therefore, all patients have a right and are encouraged to participate in decisions regarding their health care at all times. Please feel free to raise any concerns with your GP at the time of consult.

Billing Information

We take pride in delivering professional, comprehensive, high quality care to our patients.

In continuing this provision of quality services patients who do not qualify for Bulk Billing will be billed privately for their consultation.

The Treatment Room Fee is based on the procedure performed. All billings must be paid on the day of consultation.

This includes all fees and gap payments.


Join MyMedicare at to maximise the benefits we can provide to you as a patient at our clinic. See further information on the link or under the tab PATIENT INFO on our website.

Bulk Billing

  • Chronic Diseases Management plans and reviews.
  • Health Assessments for eligible patients.
  • Children must be under 16 years old. Pension card and Health Care card holders.
  • Childhood and Nurse vaccination bookings.
  • Gold and White card holders when your consult relates to a specified condition.
  • Applies only to standard consultations for those who are eligible.
  • All specialised services such as travel advice and skin checks are NOT bulk billed.
  • All procedures such as iron infusions, sutures, removal of skin lesions are NOT bulk billed.

Return to Work SA & Third Party Claims

if you have a work injury, please make sure you let our receptionist know when booking your appointments. Where possible, you will be booked with the same doctor managing your case. You will be need to bring your claim number with you. All invoices for work injuries or third party claims will be forwarded to the relevant insurance body.

SMS Reminders and Recalls

Our clinic sends SMS reminders for all appointments via the HotDoc Online Booking and Reminder Service.

We also send SMS to notify patients of required Recalls for important medical reasons. You can setup a personal profile to receive reminders on the HotDoc APP provided in the SMS sent by us.To confirm your appointment by SMS simply reply Y (or follow the link provided) once received and we will expect you on the day. To make an appointment directly from a Recall SMS, simply follow the link provided in the message or call us.

If you do not already have this SMS reminder/recall service in place and would like to, please approach reception to complete a consent form.

Infectious Disease Appointments

Infectious disease appointments must be made into our dedicated BUG HUB for the safety of our waiting room and staff. These appointments may be made on line or by phone.


Please ring for a duty doctor appointment.


Please ring for our staff to assist


All consultations are to be paid for in full at the time of your appointment. Littlehampton Medical Centre uses the Medicare Easy Claim system, which allows you to pay your account and receive your Medicare rebate back into your bank account.

Phone consultations and BugHub appointments incur normal billing fees.

Phone consultations can be made online.

BugHub online appointments are limited and can only be made on the day. Please ring directly if you need assistance.

A standard appointment will be billed at the completion of your consultation. If your appointment is not a standard gap fee our reception staff will contact you prior to your account being billed.

No fee will be deducted if you are Bulk Billed. Double appointments – If you have several issues you need to discuss with your GP, please make a double appointment to allow time for your concerns to be addressed.

Contact us:

Address: 89 North Terrace, Littlehampton 5250

Email: (do not forward clinical information by email)


You can view our full privacy policy here, or download as a PDF.