Littlehampton Medical Centre

Serving our community with medical services since 2010.

Patient Resources

Chronic Health Problems

Alzheimer’s & Dementia   (Dementia Australia), ph: 1800 100 500 (Dementia Australia: Alzheimer’s specific) (Health Direct: Alzheimer’s Specific)

Arthritis   (Arthritis Australia)   (Arthritis SA), ph: 1800 011 041

Asthma   (Asthma Australia), ph: 1800 278 462

Cancer (Aus. Gov. Dept. of Health)   (Cancer Council) ph: 13 11 20 (9am to 5pm, Mon to Fri)

Diabetes   (Diabetes SA), ph: 1300 198 204 (Diabetes Australia)
(National Diabetes Services Scheme; “NDSS”),   ph: 1800 637 700

Epilepsy   (Epilepsy Action Australia), ph: 1300 37 45 37   (Epilepsy Australia), ph: 1300 761 487(Mon to Sat)

Heart Disease (Heart Foundation) Direct)

Kidney Disease   (Kidney Health Australia), ph: 1800 454 363

Osteoporosis   (Healthy Bones Australia), ph: 1800 242 141   (Health Direct)

Vision & Macular Degeneration   (Vision Australia), ph: 1300 84 74 66   (Macular Disease Foundation Australia), ph: 1800 111 709

Stroke   (Stroke Foundation), ph: 1800 787 653

Incontinence Foundation of Australia), ph: 1800 33 00 66

Covid 19 Resources

Australian Government General Vaccination Info

SA Government Childhood Immunisation Program 0468 576 150

Aboriginal & Torres Straight Islander Immunisations

Pregnancy & Postpartum

CAFS  Phone: 1800 733 606

Australian Breastfeeding Association  Phone: 1800 686 268


Q Life  Phone: 1800 184 527; web-chat service also available

Rainbow Directory SA

Mt Barker Council Resources Page

Australian Government Department of Human Resources Directory

Health Direct

Aboriginal & Torres Straight Islanders
Out Of Hours (24/7) Services

Phone: 000

Health Direct   (Phone: 1800 022 222)

National Home Doctor Service   (Phone: 137 425) 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

To book an appointment please click on HOTDOC our online booking system, phone 8398 2600  or visit our centre. We recommend booking in advance for more availability with your preferred time and doctor.

To make the most of your doctors appointment please book appropriately 

  • Single 15 minute appointment is suitable for one issue
  • Book a 30 minute if you have 2 or more issues

You may also need to have a follow up appointment for test results.

What should I bring to my appointment?
Please bring any relevant medical records, a list of medications you are currently taking, and your Medicare card or private insurance details.
Do I get reminders for my appointments?
SMS Reminders and recalls – you will receive appointment reminders and results recalls
If you cannot attend, please ring our staff and we can assist in rescheduling.
How do I cancel my appointment?
Please ring us 8398 2600 with as much notice as possible.
Do you offer telehealth consultations?
Yes, we offer telehealth services where medically suitable.
What services do you offer?
We provide a wide range of medical services, including general check ups, vaccinations, women’s health, skin cancer checks, travel medicine and much more. Visit our Services page for a detailed list.
We have a dedicated area to care for you when you are unwell with a potentially contagious and infectious illness. If you cannot find an appointment online, please ring for assistance.
We thank you for your understanding in staying isolated until we can attend.
Bookings can be made directly on line for most vaccinations
Childhood vaccinations are government funded (no fee)
Influenza vaccines and Covid Vaccines are available
How can I join the Littlehampton team?
We welcome passionate individuals to join our team. Visit our Join Us page for current vacancies and application details.
Can I ring for results?
Your medical information is private. Test results can only be discussed with yourself.
Our administration staff will only give information as directed by your doctor over the phone..
We recommend you make an appointment with the treating doctor If you require more in depth information.
How do I get a script/referral/sick certificate?
You will need a doctor’s appointment. We have several ways you can request – by phone or in person
What is MyMedicare?
This is an OPT program to choose our practice as your home practice.
We are able to offer regular quarterly appointments for eligible patients and longer than standard telephone consultations if required. It is easy to register for. Please speak to us about joining.
What do I do in an Emergency?
Ring 000 if you need an ambulance
Ring 8393 1777 if you need a hospital
Ring 8398 2600 if you need advice from our staff during opening hours
How much does an Ambulance call out cost?
We strongly recommend joining the SA ambulance Service.
You are responsible to pay for an ambulance even when you attend our surgery.
What About Fees?
Fees are payable on the day of services. This includes telephone appointments.
Our receptionist can assist you with medicare registration and your medicare rebates.
Onsite Pathology Services?
Blood collection and other pathology tests can be done at our surgery.
Clinpath is our laboratory partner.
No appointment is required for most tests.
You may also use this service if you are a visitor.
Opening hours are generally 8.30am to 4.30pm weekdays
And 8.30am to 11am on Saturdays
Except on public holidays – hours differ.
Do you see Workcover patients?
Yes. We recommend all Work injuries claims be managed by the same doctor. Your appointments will be made in advance. Appointments dedicated to Worcover injuries cannot include non work related agendas. You will need a separate appointment
I am a Veteran. Do you see DVA patients

All of our doctors see DVA patients and we accept the DVA gold card (and white card for accepted conditions). We also offer the Coordinated Veterans Care (CVC) Plan for eligible patients